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“The Acts of Assembly now in force in the Colony of Virginia An Exact Table of the Whole” is a very old and in delicate condition book. The smears found on pages 2 and 3 are in fact blood. The signature on the bottom of page 2 is in blood. The darkness found on many of the following pages is also blood.

Pages 45 through 52 have been torn and were repaired with a type tape that was available many years ago that could be seen through but the copy could not be made trough them so I will add a page 45a, 46a, 47a, 48a, 49a 50a, 51a and 52a where I will list that was not readable due to the tape.

Page 62 and 63 once again contain blood smears.

Page 153 more blood smears.

Page 231 has a signature in the upper right hand margin of Jacob Holmon.

Page 263 has two finger prints in blood. The blood from page 263 has seeped through to pages 264, 265, 266 and 267.

Page 327 a very plain bloody finger prints.

Page 344 the blood is once again present.

Page 438. At the bottom of this page written in a very stylish manor is “Geo Shunn’s Book boug at H F Greenwoods Sale 1810. The spelling of Geo’s last name may be incorrect but the work bought was spelled boug.

Page 444. At the bottom of the page in the same handwriting that was found on page 438 you will find. ”Geo Shunn’s Book”.

Page 446. At the Bottom of the page in the same handwriting you will find “G Geo S”.

Pages 450 and 451 there is more blood spots.

Page 539. At the bottom of the page written in a different handwriting you will find Fairfax Patents p 105.

Page 552 is damaged badly from what appears to be smoke and is almost beyond the point of reading the contents of said page.

Rusty's note: I looked on the Internet for a copy of this book, and found one rare book seller with a copy with a price tag of $4,000.00.