The Randolph DNA Project was initiated in July 2001. To date, seventy-three+ males with the following surnames have tested: Randolph (all spellings), Randall (all spellings), Randle (a line distinct from Randall and Randolph), and FitzRandolph.

These tests have refuted original assumptions that our families descended from two to three original immigrants. We have presently identified twenty-three different DNA lines. DNA analysis is a powerful tool for helping individuals find their ancestors. Many of our researchers have been able to discover or verify their ancestral relationships through the process of testing. Others have been able to eliminate potential ancestral candidates which reduces the scope of their search.

As a surname project, our tests are limited to y-chromosome analysis which traces the line of males. The y-chromosome is inherited only from males and is transmitted, virtually unchanged, from father to son. The testing process is fairly simple. The testee is sent a packet from FamilyTreeDNA. The packet includes instructions and a sterile swab which is then rubbed across the inside of the cheek to collect the buccal material for testing. The tests are returned to FamilyTreeDNA and the results are usually available within approximately six weeks. The testee can select one of at least three different options for analysis: the 12-marker test, the 25-marker test, or the 37-marker test. FamilyTreeDNA has just launched the 67-marker test, so this option is also available. We recommend, at the least, a 25-marker test. Upgrades for previous tests are also available. For more information on DNA, the tests and their analysis please visit:

Family Tree DNA

If you are interested in testing,
please contact one of our project managers,
Sherrell Buchanan or Bill Randle.
They can be reached via email HERE.

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