In Loving Memory
Horace Clifton Randolph
February 13, 1938 ~ October 7, 2006


  Following in the footsteps of his Uncle Grady Randolph, Horace was an intrepid Randolph researcher. Horace followed in the tradition of other such researchers as Wassell Randolph; Bill Hamm; Joada Cole; Blanche Randolph; and Deborah Small. They had the courage to publish what they believed and let the rest of us make the value judgements. Horace let his mind lead him into actually challenging accepted genealogies even if many of us did not agree with him.

Horace represented something very important about the Randolphs courage to be who you are and to support what you believe regardless of the flak. This seems to be a tradition of our ancestors and Horace followed through.

In addition to genealogy research, Horace was a loving husband, father, grandfather and uncle. He was active in his church and community. He gave of himself, and his knowledge, and touched the lives of all he came in contact with whatever the endeavor.

Horace was an ICON of the Randolph family, and other current Randolph family researchers. He worked so hard on the behalf of all of us whether we were his line or not. He was in a sense a representative of anyone with the Randolph name or any association with that surname in all of its various spellings. He was trying to create a databank of all the information on any line he had discovered.

Horace was authoratative not only about the Randolph family, but about Colonial History as well. Horace was very generous with his knowledge and resources, and could always be counted on to help clarify questions with answers. We all turned to Horace for answers to questions big or small at one time or another, and he was always there for us.

Thanks to Horace's hard work, and the generosity of his family, Horace's database is available to us here.
(CAUTION: This is a very large database, and may be very slow to load even with a broadband Internet connection. I would not at this time recommend attempting to connect with it if you are still on a dial-up connection.)

Information in the database has been privitized so that there is no information made available for any living person under the age of 100. As with any database, this may contain errors. Horace was a careful researcher, but he was sent information by many people which may or may not have been verified, so, use caution and use this as a guide for your own research.

This database includes:
29 Generations
10,016 Surnames
35,076 Families
96,826 People

H. C. Randolph with T. J. Randolph cup.

Horace, you will always be missed!